Here you can read some testimonials from students who have passed the exam Zertifikat C1 Deutsch.

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Zertifikat C1 Deutsch

Sofia Rodriguez Granda, Goethe Zertifikat C1 Deutsch 

Sofia Rodriguez Granda (lives in Munich)

Profession: Doctor

Her comment about the German classes:

“I started with Tobias after passing the B2 thanks to a lot of effort, personal sacrifice and little help. After having tried academies, individual private lessons and self-taught learning, Tobias was my salvation. To get my C1 had become a necessity in order to get my medical degree recognised in Germany and to increase my chances of being hired, and although dedicating 100% of my time to it did a lot, the help, knowledge and above all the moral support that Tobias gave me was fundamental.

Tobias is more than just a teacher, he is a companion on a journey that is often frustrating and difficult: learning a language as demanding as German. For this I will be eternally grateful to him. I wish there were more teaching professionals as dedicated as he is. ”

For this and for everything… DANKE TOBIAS!


Gloria Fernández Polin (Zurich, Switzerland) Goethe Zertifikat C1 Deutsch approved.

gloria C1 Zertifikat Deutsch e1652680805366

Profession: Corporate communication consultant.

Her opinion about the German classes:

“I started from zero and, thanks to Tobias, I have achieved a real and certified C1 level in just one year!!!!  I have had about three 90-minute lessons per week, which means that I have reached C1 four times faster than what is usually estimated for this level. Without a doubt, a great saving of time and money.

Of course, behind this achievement there are hours of study, dedication, perseverance… But, frankly, I would not have been able to achieve it without Tobias. He is not only a great German teacher; he is a great coach/personal trainer with whom you can learn German in an effective, natural way… and even fun! In my opinion, to learn German it is not only important to have a qualified and experienced teacher. To this you have to add the qualities of a coach: empathy, motivation, clarity, patience, the ability to create and maintain an environment of trust and respect…

Tobias is, without a doubt, the best German coach I know. And I would recommend him to anyone who needs/wants to learn German quickly and effectively.”