The German imperative is used to give orders, advice or demands and is used with du, ihr, wir and Sie for you.

Let’s look at some examples of the use of the imperative in German:

Mach die Tür zu!                                             Direct command.

Trink nicht so viel Cola                                  Advice

Fahren Sie mich bitte zum Flughafen!        Polite demand


The German imperative is used quite a lot in spoken language, but as a direct command it sounds very abrupt and the word “bitte” is often used to ask for something more politely.

Regular conjugation table:

Verb machen(to do):

Du     Mach!

Ihr     Macht!

Wir    Machen wir!

Sie     Machen Sie!

In the German imperative, the verbs essen and lesen have a vowel change in the conjugation in the case of Du: