Tamara is available from September 15th.

Below you can see her presentation video and she also has a contact form.

Although her name doesn’t sound like it, Tamara is a native German teacher who was born in Germany and grew up in a city near Dortmund.

She loves her job and has more than 5 years of experience in teaching the German language:

  • A1-C1 level courses for individuals and in academies
  • preparation of students for official german exams
  • bilateral Spanish-German interpretation courses

She took courses in English and German language and literature (Germanistik, Anglistik) at different universities in Germany. She is a graduate in German translation and interpreting and her doctoral studies focused on developing the communicative competence in German of translation and interpreting students.

She combines her work as a German teacher with her work as a conference interpreter for German, English and Spanish.

Her CV also includes an internship at the EU Council in Brussels in 2015 and the Young Researcher Award in 2017 at the 3rd International Conference on Interpreting Quality (ICIQ3).

She is also a very nice person, who knows how to motivate and connect with her students. Here is her video presentation:


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