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Luis Melero García

Luis reducida Mesa de trabajo 1

Counsellor for Labor, Migration and Social Security at the Spanish Embassy in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.


Learning German is not easy for Spanish speakers: vocabulary, pronunciation and a convoluted grammar are big challenges that other languages closer to Spanish, such as French or Italian, do not present. Therefore, to be able to learn German correctly, it is essential to not only have a good method, but also to find a good teacher.
Tobias is a professional in every sense of the word, someone with whom learning the thousand and one uses of the particle “zu” is not only easy but also fun. He is someone you can trust, who is always by your side during your learning process, accompanying you, guiding you, letting you improve on your own and helping you get back on your feet when you stumble. Call him a coach, a guide, a mentor or whatever you want, but Tobias is the one.
And that is what makes him special compared to so many other language teachers out there selling more smoke than efficiency on the net.

I just got a 96 out of 100 in the Goethe B1 and I know that a large part of my success is thanks to Tobias. The other part, the part that corresponds to me, reflects what I have learnt with Tobias day by day, so it is also his success.

Now let’s move forward with the best of the best!

Elisa Osuna

Elisa reducida

Corporate communication and digital strategy.

My name is Elisa and I have been listening to and studying German practically all my life. For years I have learned at the Goethe Institut, at Inlingua, at summer schools in Konstanza, at the Maximilian University in Munich, where I lived and worked for a year… but when I returned to Spain, I stopped practicing it, and if you don´t practice, eventually you forget the languages you speak.
I needed a way to be active but I didn’t want to keep taking courses and more courses, and a few years ago I was lucky enough to meet Tobias Woelke, who helped me speak without fear of error and with maximum freedom, who teaches me with flexibility and motivation, and who is not only an excellent teacher from the most technical point of view of language teaching, but also a magnificent guide or coach, who manages to keep the excitement of learning alive.
I would also like to emphasize his friendliness, his willingness to help, his flexibility and his impeccable treatment of the student. German is important to me and today I feel fortunate that Tobias is my teacher.
I am convinced that in a few years he will become the German Vaughan! I recommend his classes 150%.

Sarah Hemens (London, UK)

Project Director  


“Tobias is an excellent German teacher and I looked forward to our weekly Skype lessons. He has a genuine interest in people and in understanding their interests and motivations which helped to make lessons relevant and enjoyable. The lessons were well planned and structured to keep the pace lively and the lesson engaging.”

Alexandre de Jesus (Zürich, Switzerland)

Alexandre de JesusSr. Manager, Training & Development

“I’ve been taking private Skype clases with Tobias for the last few months and my German has greatly improved.  Not only is he an excellent teacher, fully knowledgeable of the grammar and intricacies of the language, but he is also a great coach!

Just when you think your motivation is down and you simply can’t learn something new in German, Tobias is there to support you and give you the kind of motivation that gives great results afterwards!”

Iryna Duzhyk (Kiev, Ukraine)

IrynaProfession: Biologist

“Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, the lessons with Tobias  became for me a great discovery and I was able to improve my level of German. I used to learn German at school, but I did not have as positive a result as I did with Tobias.

My German level has increased remarkably and now I can communicate with people. He dedicates himself to this work with great experience and interest and he does it for the sake of the student’s success. He provides very good and interesting material for learning and practice, in addition to the classes being well structured and very enjoyable. The classes are productive, interesting and fun. I would like to recommend Tobias to all students who value their time and wish to learn German in a fun and efficient way. “

Eduardo Perez (Zurich, Switzerland)

eduardo pScientist at ETH Zurich  

“Thanks to the lessons with Tobias, I have improved my German level from B1 + to B2 in 2 months (90 min, 2x per week) and worked on my weaknesses for the Goethe Zertifikat B2.
I am currently working as a scientist in Switzerland and since learning, it has been easier to cope with everyday life in German. Tobias is very professional and his lessons are dynamic and entertaining. Highly Recommended! ”
Highlights: Dynamic lessons, tailor made and with important advances in a short time.

Gloria Fernández Polin (Zürich, Switzerland)

gloria 1

Adviser in corporate communication

“I was starting from zero and, thanks to Tobias, I reached a real and certified C1 level in just one year!! I have taken three classes of 90 minutes per week, which means reaching the C1 four times faster than what is usually estimated for this level. This was without a doube a great savings  in terms of time and money. Logically, behind this achievement there are hours of study, dedication, perseverance … But, frankly, I could not have achieved it without Tobias. He is not just a great teacher of German; he is a great coach / personal trainer with whom you get to learn German in way that is effective, natural, and even fun! From my point of view, to learn German it is not o

nly important to have a qualified and experienced teacher. They must also possess the qualities of a coach: empathy, motivation, clarity, patience, ability to generate and maintain an environment of trust and respect. Tobias is undoubtedly the best German coach I know. And I would recommend it to those who need or want to learn German quickly and effectively.

Carolina Gordo (Pamplona, España)

Automotive Engineer  carolina-gordo

Lessons with Tobias are motivating and productive. He makes the class enjoyable and practical and much focused on the student learning in the necessary scope. He is very flexible, dynamically enhancing student learning, marking personalized tasks constantly.
From my point of view, the two most important pillars to learn a language are: motivation and perseverance.
With Tobias I have achieved for the first time this motivation, after leaning for three years. I have tried academies, language school, online platform and course abroad, without any personal success.
Tobias knows Spanish and German well, knows how to teach and is totally involved with the student. Now that I have him as a teacher, I enjoy this background career.
Highlights: Oriented to the objectives of the student, serious, professional, punctual, flexible and very enjoyable.

Leidy Arango (Ingelheim, Germany)

Leidy ArangoDoctor

“I am a Colombian doctor, I currently reside in Germany. I believe that Tobias is an excellent teacher, one of the few who actually enjoy doing his job and worries that the student really learns. I had to interrupt my classes in 2 schools due to my work, so I chose to continue my learning with Tobias. With him I was able to reach the level of German B2 and pass the Telc B2 exam, I was admitted to the state hospital to start my internship and I am currently preparing the medical exam for validation of my degree in Germany. I do not hesitate to recommend it.”

Vijay Kumar (Madrid)

vijay kumar 1International Sales Manager

German lessons with Tobias is so much fun and he is very professional. ​With​ Tobias help i​ learnt it faster.​ He explains with practical examples. His teaching method is very affective,  the books and material he provides is really good. I had been taking german lessons twice a week , since Oct 2016. now i feel much ​​confident with German. I work and live in Madrid.
Once a month i travel to our company office near Stuttgart, Germany. During my last trip to Germany my colleagues were surprised to find that i was speaking German an​d understood more.​“

Olena Maciejewski (Nikolaew, Ukraine)

OlenaDancer and choreographer

“I’ve been living in Germany for a long time and I’m working here as a profesional dancer and choreographer. I never learned German at a school, that’s why I have problems with Germangrammar. But now since April 2019 I have been taking lessons with Tobias (one lesson per week) and I want to say that he is a great teacher and his lessons help me a lot. My grammar got much better.
It is super comfortable to have German lessons via Skype, you can have lessons anywhere.
I highly recommend Tobias as a German teacher.”

Kathrin Johansson (Basel, Switzerland)

0KathrinFlight attendant

“I have German lessons with Tobias Woelke 3 times a week via Skype or at my home. I am very happy to have found a teacher like Tobias. He is very educated and demonstrates great professionalism in his teaching. You can tell that he likes his job and motivates me in every lesson. As a native speaker, he masters the language and knows how to communicate his knowledge. ”
Highlights: flexible, educated, professional, motivating and a very good person.

Natalia Bódalo and Francisco Pinheiro (Madrid)

natalia bodalo y francisco pinheiroResponsible for legal advice in the energy sector and ICT Innovation Director

“Our son Iván (15 years old) started lessons with Tobias two years ago. Previously he had experienced private lessons for two years and three years with lessons at school, but he could not hold a conversation in German. With Tobias we notice a rapid and considerable improvement in conversation and vocabulary. Ivan is very happy and motivated with the lessons and ensures that they go by quickly. The lessons are varied and Tobias provides abundant and interesting audiovisual material.

The highlights: his vocation, patience, professionalism and ability to motivate.

Elisa Galvan Bacallado (Zürich, Switzerland)

Elisa GalvanAdministrative Accounting Assistant

“I started learning with Tobias just a few months ago, from the first day I was surprised by his professionalism. Hislessons are very dynamic and entertaining, they make you interact all the time and  this has helped me a lot to improve my German and let go much more when having a conversation.

Tobias, in addition to a great teacher who always knows how to adapt to the needs of the student, is a person who is always willing to help. ”

Sofia Rodriguez Granda (Valencia, Spain)

Sofia RodriguezDoctor

“I started with Tobias after approving the B2 thanks to a lot of effort, personal sacrifice and little help. After having tried academies, individual private lessons and self-taught learning, Tobias was my salvation. Achieving level C1 had become a necessity to validate my medical degree in Germany and increase the possibilities of being hiried, and, although dedicating 100% of my time did a lot, the help, the knowledge and above all the moral support that Tobias provided were fundamental.
Tobias is more than just a teacher; he is a companion on a trip that is often frustrating and difficult which is learning a language as demanding as German. For this I will be eternally grateful. I wish there were more dedicated teaching professionals like him. ”
For this and all … DANKE TOBIAS!

Ricardo Andree Martinez (Tucson/Arizona – USA)

Ricardo Martinez


“The German lessons with Tobias are very effective.  I think I’ve learned a lot with Tobias’ individual lessons, more than I would have learned in a large group at the Community College.

Tobias is attentive, patient and you realize that he likes to teach. I overcame the fear of speaking German very early and got on very well with him because we have many common interests and that has proven very helpful for the learning process. I plan to continue my German with him in the long term and overall I’m very satisfied.

Highlights: Tobias is very professional and talented.