Private German lessons

The really difficult thing about teaching a language is to help the student in the most complicated moments and it can only be achieved by a teacher who is professionally dedicated to teaching languages.


To whom are the private German lessons addressed?

The lessons are directed to:

  • school students
  • students
  • workers
  • people who want to learn German as a hobby
  • students who want to quickly get a good level of German
  • those people who due to their work schedule need a lot of time flexibility
  • students who want to give private German lessons to prepare a job interview or to prepare an exam.



Who teaches the lessons?

The native German teacher Tobias Woelke was born in the German city of Düsseldorf  a teacher highly valued by his students with excellent references  and has more than 12000 experience classes.

In general, private German lessons are thought via Skype and at home to students from many countries.

Students from Spain, Germany, Switzerland and also to places as far away as the United States, Argentina and India, students of all ages and levels of learning.

In addition, he has all the administrative permits to carry out the teaching activity and the necessary materials to adapt to the individual needs of each student.

What material is used?

In the classes we work with teaching books from the editorials Hueber, Langenscheidt and Cornelsen

They are also combined with texts, photos and specific conversation topics with a special focus on the active practice of the language, always adapted to the needs of the students.

The student receives support outside of class hours.



For any questions you may have about the German language lessons you can check the website

Private german lessons via Skype

or contact directly with the professor per Email:


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