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About me

I am a dynamic teacher with more than 10 years of experience in education. I have been teaching English, German and Portuguese for more than 10 years in schools and companies. I studied part of my studies in Austria and have spent long periods in the USA, Brazil and Germany. I am a native English speaker, my first language, I grew up in Madrid, Spain, so I am fully bilingual and I have a degree in translation and conference interpreting in English, Spanish and German, specialising in German, so I consider myself fully bilingual also in the latter. I have all the official German qualifications to be able to teach at any level.



My teaching method

My method is extremely interactive. I consider a language to be a “living” thing that you not only have to know grammatically in depth, but also learn about its culture in order to be able to communicate efficiently. I ensure dynamic, fun and useful classes so that you can learn German or English perfectly to get by in any field, be it personal or professional or simply to travel around the world and understand the majority of the population. In all my classes I combine reading comprehension, listening, speaking and writing.

You will not regret choosing me as your teacher because I can 100% confirm that you will learn English and/or German in record time and that you will be able to achieve all your goals with my classes, whether it is to take an official exam, to communicate in a work or personal environment or simply to enjoy learning a language that you are looking forward to learning.

Yolanda is in a continuous training process and has taken several courses (multiple

intelligences and its educational application, teaching the screenage generation (british

council school), tesol, etc.) and has participated in conferences, such as the annual

conference of teachers of the british council school.


My experience as a German teacher

I speak 4 languages perfectly: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and I have basic knowledge of 3 other languages: Swedish, French and Japanese.

I have taught the directors of the Spanish TV series “El Principe”, Iberia pilots, actors and businessmen.

I have worked as a German and English teacher in several schools, such as the CEU school in Montepríncipe and the Mirabal school. I am also a translator and do German-Spanish translations and interpreting.


Some details of my academic background

2012-2013 University Master’s Degree in Teacher Training in Secondary Education

Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate

CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain

Speciality: Language Teaching (German and English)

2007-2011 Degree in Translation and Interpreting

Pontifical University of Comillas

Major: German, English and Japanese

2009-2010 Erasmus at the University of Vienna

I am in a continuous training process and have taken several courses (multiple intelligences and their educational application, Teaching the Screenage Generation (British Council School), TESOL etc…) and have participated in conferences, such as the annual British Council School teachers’ conference.

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