1. The teacher who teaches German classes on Skype

I am a native German teacher and Learning Coach from Düsseldorf and I have been teaching German classes on Skype online since 2012. That has allowed me an internationalization process.
I have had and I have students in Spain, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Switzerland, USA, Andorra, Colombia, India, Uruguay, Peru, Poland, Russia, Brazil.
Throughout these years I have given classes to engineers, musicians, computer scientists, schoolchildren, businessmen, students, nurses, housewives, architects, scientists with very satisfactory results. I have obtained a lot of experience, being able to adapt myself to the individual circumstances of each student.

German classes on Skype

German classes on Skype

What training and experience do I have to teach German classes on Skype?

At the beginning of the year 2017 I finished my course of educational Coaching / learning coaching. Teaching a language such as German has to go much further than just teaching grammar or improving pronunciation. I teach German by vocation and I am able to help the student in the most complicated moments of their learning, putting into practice the knowledge I have gained in my course and the thousands of experience classes in the teaching of the German language.

I am a teaching profesional and I can issue invoices with my tax identification number.
I speak “Hochdeutsch” the standard German that is spoken on German television. The standard German is the basis for the student to learn and understand the different accents of each region.

2. How are German classes organized by Skype?

These classes have the great advantage that they can be taught from anywhere in the world. The student can be in his office, his house or in a hotel. You can even give the class with the mobile somewhere that has a network. You do not have to travel and there is flexible time to change the schedule of classes, always warning with some advance.

There is not much difference with face-to-face classes, there is no voice distortion and despite the distance, you can have a very close relationship with the student. A relationship of good understanding and friendship between the teacher and the student is very important for the classes to be successful. There are many factors that influence the learning of a language and one of them is the relationship between the student and the teacher.

3. What connection and material is needed for German classes on Skype?

The student must download the Skype application. It is recommended that you have an Internet connection of 3 Megabytes, but you can also give classes with less bandwidth.
A normal Webcam and it is advisable to use headphones with a built-in microphone.

4. What kind of courses do I offer?

I offer a wide variety of German classes on Skype. Classes can be individual, fully adapted to the individual needs of each student or classes in small groups up to a maximum of 4 students per class.
+ German exam preparation classes
+ Extracurricular support
+ Complete courses
+ German for tourism
+ Intensive German courses

German classes Skype

German classes Skype

5. What results can be obtained with the German classes on Skype?

Until today, students have passed 100% of the Goethe, Telc, EOI, ÖSD and UNED exams. In addition, school students have improved their grades at school, and some have even achieved an honors degree, but what is more important, they lose the fear of speaking in German.
Several students have obtained jobs, have made new professional contacts or have improved their situation in the company. For example in Spain I am teaching German classes to students who need German for their day at work.

6. What material is used in German classes on Skype?

We work with teaching books and depending on the level and the student’s needs can be combined with texts and photos.
The student has access to a virtual hard disk to exchange files. Throughout the learning process you have my support with any doubts you may have.

7. What methodologies are applied in the classes?

First, it depends on whether they are individual classes or group classes. If the classes are given to a group, a general objective is set with individual reinforcements.
In the case of individual classes, they are 100% individualized and adapted to the needs of the student. It is the most effective way to learn a language. The student has a personal trainer who is aware of it. Maintaining motivation is essential for learning to succeed. In the classes, learning coaching techniques are also applied. In this way the student learns to learn effectively and with organization. As I have already mentioned above, the personal relationship between the student and the teacher is very important for the classes to achieve the objectives.

8. What are the prices of the classes?

The price depends on many factors. The duration of the class, if the classes are individual, in a group of 2 3 or 4 students. Preparation of exams, preparation of interviews, complete courses etc
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