German B2 exam preparation course.

German B2 exam preparation course

German B2 exam preparation course

The German B2 exam preparation course is aimed at people who want to prepare for the German B2 Goethe, Telc, ÖSD, EOI or VHS exam. Classes can be taught individually or in small groups and the course begins 4-6 weeks before the exam with two classes per week, depending on the level of student learning.

The B2 German test can be prepared via Skype or at the student’s home address.

B2 German exam preparation classes are not taught in a short period of time, things that do not work out well at the last minute. The goal is for the student to pass with a good grade.

It is always better to go to a job interview with the best preparation, that also includes passing a level test with a good grade.

The individual B2 exam preparation classes last 60 Minutes and the group classes (Maximum 4 students per class) a duration of 90 Minutes.

Who teaches the German B2 exam preparatory course?

– Professor Tobias Woelke is a very experienced native German teacher, with a degree in Learning Coaching / Learning / Didactic Psychology and has taught more than 6,000 individual classes and groups to students from many countries, different ages and levels of learning. He is one of the teachers best valued by his students.

What does the student learn in the German B2 exam preparation classes?

-The student learns to use effectively the 4 learning skills to prepare the exam. Read, listen, write and speak.

-The student learns to manage their time well, a fundamental factor in the development of the exam.

– Learn to control nerves with specific techniques, a fundamental point that often is not taken into account in the usual preparation courses.

-Specific books are used in the preparatory course of the B2 German exam.

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