Learning German is like a cross-country race. I can be your coach who will accompany you on this race.

I always tell my students during class: “We are here to train for real situations so that you learn to apply the knowledge in practice, whether at work or in your private life.

profesor nativo de aleman tobias woelke

My lessons are very practice-oriented, I correct your mistakes and we analyse what you can do better.

  • I create an individual learning plan based on your goals.
  • We only learn what is important for you. Whether it’s a German exam, or German for your job, or any other specific topics that might be important for you at that given moment.
  • 15.000 teaching hours of experience of teaching and coaching German as a foreign language with students from all over the world and different professions.
  • Thanks to this experience, I have been able to develop my own teaching method based on coaching techniques. My goal is to be the personal trainer in German for each student.
  • In addition, I have written hundreds of articles on grammar, and, shortly, I am planning to write my first book in the near future.
  • We live in times of change, rush, stress and worries. All these factors, although not part of the learning process as such, play an increasingly important role. It is therefore important to understand and address this process in a global way taking into account internal and external factors and adapting the teaching plan to the specific circumstances of each student, at all times.
  • This is a pioneering method in language teaching, hardly ever developed in traditional schools and academies. It is a method that incorporates individually tailored coaching techniques, which encourage the student’s motivation to achieve the ultimate goal: learn German quickly and effectively and also, in an entertaining and fun way, since I consider this to be one of the keys to success. When a person learns something new, with enthusiasm and positive emotions, the road is much easier to travel.