Would you like to enjoy your path to success with the German language?  

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Would you like to enjoy your path to success with the German language? Qualified online German tutor and Coach.

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Why are students so happy with the lessons?

There are some things that probably no german tutor and no academy has ever told you that clearly.

1. What matters is how you learn

To learn German quickly and effectively, it is not about just mastering grammar, vocabulary, getting a solid oral comprehension and struggling to be able to express oneself fluently.
If you want this project to become a guarantee instead of a stony way let me be very clear: the process is much more complex and requires all the tailored support that the online german tutor can give to a student.
Online German tutor

2. Motivating and supporting the learner in critical phases.

This is precisely the difference between just a teacher and a personal coach/trainer in German.
The ability to empathise with the student, to create and maintain an atmosphere of trust and respect, to maintain constant motivation, to deal with the bumps and difficulties that certainlly arise If you are pursuing the objective of learning German really and successfully… -This is the absolute commitment I make to each student.
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3. We focus on your goals

It may sound like an old wives’ tale but YOU can learn German, even pretty quickly.. (of course this cannot be done in 3 weeks, as promised by some apparently language wizards that can only evoke a dismissive smile to any realistically thinking person)
BUT.. if you have the right and individually taylored programme and when you focus on topics that are really relevant to you the results can really surprise you.
The vast majority of German language learning methods are designed for general topics and
general audience.
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4. Positive feelings

When the student learns without willingness and motivation, it is very difficult to achieve any objective.
That is why we create an atmosphere of trust from the very first lesson so that the student feels really comfortable.
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Some results obtained by my students

Sarah Hemens – Project Director
(London, UK)
“Tobias is an excellent online German tutor and I always looked forward to our weekly Skype lessons.
He has a genuine interest in people and in understanding their interests and motivations which helped me to make lessons interesting and enjoyable.
The lessons were well planned and structured to keep the pace lively and the lesson engaging.”
Alexandre de Jesus
Sr. Manager, Training & Development
(Zürich, Switzerland)
“I’ve been taking private Skype lessons with Tobias for the last few months and my German has greatly improved since them.
He is not only an excellent teacher, who knows the grammar and also the finer details of the language inside out, but he is also a great coach!
Just in those moments when you think your motivation is fading and you’re simply not capable of learning anything new in German, Tobias proves to be particullary sensitive to your needs and gives you the kind of motivation that leads you to great results afterwards!”
Iryna Duzhyk – Biologist
(Kiev, Ukraine)
“Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, the lessons with Tobias turned out to be a great discovery for me and I was able to improve my level of German.
I used to learn German at school, but I had nowhere near as positive a result as I with Tobias.
He dedicates himself to this work with great experience and interest and he
does it for the sake of the student’s success. He provides very good and interesting material for
learning and practicing, in addition the lessons are well structured and very enjoyable.